An innovative best practice response to transitional care, skill development and independent living associated with spinal trauma injury.

Sandrick Pty. Ltd. was engaged by Sargood as Project Managers for the design development and delivery of a new world class residential learning centre for young people who have experienced spinal trauma injury located on Collaroy Beach, Sydney, Australia.

Sargood is a unique project being developed by a not-for-profit partnership between government and private entities as well as the Collaroy community.

Sandrick Pty. Ltd. have been involved with the project commencing with development of the Client Brief via extensive stakeholder engagement and user workshops designed to evolve facility design based upon the direct feedback of user groups with references to world leading resort design and accommodation facilities.

The project incorporates a unique and extensive range of new facilities including:

  • Fully equipped resort style accommodation facilities
  • Technology laboratory, library and learning hub
  • Training, teaching and learning rooms
  • Outdoor learning and recreational spaces
  • Communal and individual dining facilities
  • Passive and active recreational spaces
  • Administrative and support staff facilities, and offices
  • Therapy facilities
  • Day spa and individual treatment rooms
  • Gymnasium facilities
  • Media room
  • Underground car parking

The Sargood Centre will combine a resort design philosophy with the unique requirements of residential and learning spaces that promote the development of independent living skills.

Traditional spinal cord injury rehabilitation focuses on development of physical health; Sargood focuses on ‘whole of life’ skill development to give young men and women the skills and confidence they need to live productively and independently.

Sandrick Pty. Ltd. continues to provide a tailored suite of professional services to this Client including:

  • Project Brief Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Workshop Convening and Management
  • Design Management
  • Authority Approval Management
  • Space Standards Development
  • Facility Design Management
  • Cost Control and Development Option Analysis
  • Tender and Procurement Management
  • Contract Development and Administration
  • Superintendent Services
  • Project Management
  • Principal Contractor Management
  • Procurement Management

Sandrick Pty. Ltd. is working closely with the people living with spinal cord injury who form a core part of the team creating Sargood. Their experiences and expertise are helping to forge a new and unique pathway to independence.